Wipe It Off

Hit the enemies and smash them away! Save the green block and score!

– Hit the enemies and smash them away!
– Wipe them off to score!
– You control the player, you control your score!
– The green block will get stronger over time.

It is easy like playdough but you need speed and skill to beat your friends and win the highscore battle. Hit and smash might sound simple but it will be a speed test for your arcade reflexes. Push your score to the top, save the green block. The enemies will experience a wipeout and will get stronger with time. The green block will grow a new shield stage if not hit for a certain time. This arcade game will push you to your limits.

Wipe It Off is a simple arcade game with light and clean design and offers fast addictive gameplay.

Under 15mb.

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Have fun playing Wipe It Off!

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